MetaDolce Technologies’ tablet also has Iris ID biometrics.

Iris ID has revealed that its biometric hardware and software have been integrated into MetaDolce Technologies’ new multimodal tablet model, which is designed for a variety of uses.

The new RP70A BIO handheld tablet from Gen2Wave in South Korea is planned for mobile biometric identity authentication and registration.

Law enforcement, border patrol, and healthcare professionals in South Korea and the United States are also using Gen2Wave tablets.

“Iris ID’s software adds speed, precision, and convenience to an already groundbreaking mobile tablet,” said Moshe Meppen, CEO of MetaDolce Technologies, which distributes the RP70A BIO throughout North America.

“The contactless Iris ID technology is suitable for use during the current pandemic, and it can be used to register and identify workers who have received the COVID-19 vaccine,” Meppen said.

A dual iris and facial recognition camera, a fingerprint sensor, a smart card reader, and an MRZ and barcode scanner are among the device’s biometric authentication sensors.

Iris ID provides the tablet’s dual eye optical module, which can collect data at distances of up to 15 inches.

“As Iris ID continues to broaden its ecosystem to include world-class identity authentication solutions, we are very excited to have our dual eye optical module incorporated into the RP70A tablet,” said Mohammed Murad, vice president of global sales and business growth at Iris ID.

“The RP70A packs a punch in terms of technology into a small package. MetaDolce Technologies has a track record of delivering industry-leading mobile biometric and data capture hardware and software,” Murad continued.

The new collaboration with MetaDolce Technologies comes after IrisTime released a major update to its iT100 biometric time and attendance platform last month.


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