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Our Training Delivery Methodologies

Biocertification offers multiple types of delivery methods to fit your schedule and requirements. Each offers intensive training but in formats which are flexible.

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    Biocertification offers self study online/on-demand Biometric certification programs for CBSP, CBSE and CBST. All our on-demand training & certification programs are unique and are integrated packages to make sure the candidate should be able to prepare themselves for the certification exams and as well as gain the important Biometric knowledge in order to be effective at the work place. Bocertification self paced on-demand training programs includes all the required course-ware, Online Exam prep tools, Trainer Tips for the exams, Simulation tools for many programs and as well as Post Assessment tools. A great way to get certified for busy professionals who can’t find time to travel to training center and wants to study at their own convenience.

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    Fixed Date


    Biocertification utilizes the best Virtual Live delivery plaform "Cisco WebEX", a cutting edge virtual live platform with interactive Instructor-led Biocertification official virtual classrooms. This knowledge transfer delivery method offers the flexibility of learning from a live instructor without incurring any of the travel expenses. Participants in Virtual Live training will receive the required materials by e-mail or mail and should allow enough time for delivery. This option is available for selected Biometrics courses.

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  • Pre-Fixed Location

    Pre-Fixed Date

    Pre-fixed timings

    Classroom training Instructor-led, hands-on classes for latest and most sought after Biometric professional certification programs at convenient locations throughout the USA , Canada , Europe and Asia . These classroom events are directly managed and delivered by Biocertification and/or through a Certified and Approved training provider

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  • Youre Site

    Youre Date

    Youre Timings

    We can bring the advantages of instructor led, hands on training to client facilities anywhere in the world. If your organization has a fixed budget, and want to maximize the benefit of our certification or customized programs this would be your best option. To check for pricing and other details, please Contact Us or call a sales representative at +1-630-863-4216

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